about us


In 2015, Hoon will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, founder Adrien Haddad has prioritized the product over marketing and been guided by passion rather than the consumer.

This ethos has prevailed since the launch of the brand’s first jewelry line in 2005. Collaborating with luxury jeweler Arthus-Bertrand, the first Hoon creations were inspired by street culture, highlighted in their sleek design and flawless finish. This unique combination of urban culture and artisanship became a fundamental part of Hoon’s DNA and quickly attracted attention from renowned celebrities and stores alike.

What was a hobby became a more serious pursuit when Adrien met Thibault in 2009. Sharing the same intuition that Hoon must reject abstract and remote fashion, they built an exclusive world dedicated to luxury and collectibles, without forgetting the primary function of clothing: to be worn.

To achieve this objective they fused Adrien’s passion for urban culture and the technical expertise of Thibault for fashion design around one material in particular, leather.

Noble, living material, each leather has unique characteristics that you can play with using different techniques. For Hoon, each piece is made with the intention that it will become a true vintage one day, through specific details and finishing techniques that make the work on the skin incomparable and act as a signature on each product. The story of the material is at the heart of the brand’s mission: to work exclusively with the best Parisian workshops and constantly improve the techniques for making the most complete and authentic product.

This principle guided the first collections, which were tailor-made in order to focus on quality over quantity. Word-of-mouth quickly brought regular clients to the brand. Driven by this early success, Hoon presented in the summer of 2012 its first major ready-to-wear collection dedicated to multi-brand shops. In less than two years, the brand was being distributed in prestigious shops like The Corner (web), Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong), La Maison Simons (Canada), Nubian (Japan), The Space (Paris), Kabuki (Paris), etc..

The story continues with the opening of a concept store in January 2014, the Hoon Leather Shop, rue du Vertbois in the 3rd in Paris, where you can directly see the design of the models and chat with Adrien and Thibault about your expectations for your future leather jacket. In short, the store perpetuates what Hoon is already: a brand of passion made for the passionate.